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SFCQ1 Starfleet Academy Challenge - Sponsored by Space Station Requiem

This has been lots of fun the past couple of months and we wanted to put an official listing of rules and prizes out. You do need to be a member of Starfleet Command Quadrant One, at least 30 days to participate.

  • Open to any member, of any rank, on any chapter or Starbase, in Starfleet Command Quadrant One - Academy Personnel are excluded for obvious reasons

  • The goal is to take more Starfleet Academy courses than the Commanding Officer of Space Station Requiem in a month’s time and to have a higher average score

  • The winner gets a $25 Gift Certificate to the online Guilds of Requiem, Inc shops (good towards merchandise purchase only and does not include Shipping & Handling)

  • Every month where there is not a winner, the $25 will be added to the Gift Certificate

  • Should there be a winner, the monthly Gift Certificate amount returns to $25

  • All participants are placed into a drawing in December for Space Station Requiem to pay their annual renewal with Starfleet Command Quadrant One

  • If the winner already has a lifetime membership they can opt to:

  • Donate $25 to the Service Dog Handlers Guild

  • Donate $25 Starfleet Command Quadrant One membership to another random participant

  • Donate $25 Starfleet Command Quadrant One membership to a member in need on their chapter

  • Receive a $25 Gift Certificate to the online Guilds of Requiem, Inc shops - we will pay for Shipping & Handling as an additional thanks

  • We are currently in the S.T.E.P.S. challenge of the event

  • Participants get to choose the episodes they test on based on the series of the month

  • August: Deep Space Nine

  • September: Voyager

  • October: Next Gen or The Animated Series

  • November: Next Gen or Discovery

  • We recognize that not all members may have access to the Animated Series or Discovery, so we allow for the taking of Next Generation courses during the final two months as they are available for “free” on several streaming services, including IMDB tv

  • Only courses that are taken and graded starting on the first of the month to the last day of the month are counted

  • We allow 72 hours into the next month to submit all final official scores from Starfleet Academy

  • Participants are responsible for submitting their scores to

  • If a participant needs special accommodations for reporting of scores, they can designate someone to do so for them that is not on the Starfleet Academy Committee

  • Participants need to send an email to first and cc the person who will submit on their behalf

  • The designated helper needs to respond to that email (reply all) confirming that they are indeed assisting the participant with the submission of scores

  • This program is operated and maintained by Space Station Requiem

  • Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Command Quadrant One is only involved in providing the avenue for this challenge

Starfleet Academy does not send your scores to us

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