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Welcome to the STEAMPunk Aerodome. Home to the Space Station Requiem STEAMPunk Unit!

Time got away from us, so you will find a few pages that are still just "formatted" for the upcoming content. We are seeking additional Aerodome Captains to assist with providing content on each of the STEM pages. <-- Notice the "A" is absent. Why? We have our first Aerodome Captains for the Arts & Crafts section. We welcome Aerodome Captains Tonya and Miki. We look forward to the fun arts and crafts activities they will be providing for our youth to explore.

The STEAMPunk Unit is open to all without regard to the fandom that you and your youth love the most. We do have a two step process for joining. Mom, Dad, or other Guardian does need to join as a Civilian Member of Space Station Requiem ( . This ensures that they are able to monitor the content being posted here and give guidance not only to their STEAMPunk, but to us as well. We have found what is acceptable in one home, could be taboo in another, and we want to ensure that topics and conversations are easily tagged for content. The second step is to sign up for the STEAMPunk Unit with your child's information ( Membership processing is taking about 3-5 business days. Signing up on Thursday through Sunday morning, will see processing happen faster than other days of the week as many of our volunteers work Monday - Friday. Membership is required to access specific conversation threads on the forum and other website features.

Just as the blog section is used for the quarterly publication of Space Station Requiem "Rift Runners", we will use this section for quarterly "STEAMPunk Aerodome" publications. We cloned the Space Station Requiem website and it auto filled in the Revival Edition of Rift Runners from August. A poll will be placed in the forums asking if people would like to see each publication on their specific area or just the ones that pertain to it. As always, we run on volunteers, and are open to contributions.

The forums is the place to join in conversations or start a new one! We have them divided by Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, and more, including general conversations. These areas are the best place to ask questions about activities listed on their respective pages. If there is a specific forum you would like to see, please email Subject Line: Forum Suggestion Please let us know if you are willing and able to spearhead conversations in that forum as well, as we run on volunteers.

We will make a separate blog post and forum section for Internet Safety. Included will be steps we have taken to reduce some of the hazards.

Once again, we welcome you to Space Station Requiem and the STEAMPunk Unit!

FCapt Robin Kearney-Frazier

aka Rashanna T'ill

Commanding Officer

Space Station Requiem

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