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Hail and Blessed Greetings!

It has been a long while since we had an edition of Rift Runners be published, almost six years to be exact, and we are excited! This issue will have a lot of information about Space Station Requiem, our relationship with Guilds of Requiem, Inc, and important news from Starfleet Command Quadrant One. We will also talk about the fun ways to be involved with Space Station Requiem without regard to which fandom you already belong to, though taking that annual plunge into a Starfleet Command membership has some extra benefits to it. So, grab that coffee refill, get comfy, and let the adventure begin!

I do have to start off with an apology on being several days late with the publication of Rift Runners E-Zine. Life has a way of getting in the way of well laid plans. As you can tell, We used that time to make arrangements to have our own website for Space Station Requiem. I expect this will be a grand adventure for all to be able to separate the components of Guilds of Requiem, Inc and the Resources Guild of Requiem "guild project" of Space Station Requiem. We hope the new site will be more streamlined than where it was with many more features available to just Space Station Requiem members at all levels. This page is LIVE and mostly functional now. By the end of the month we will be redirecting the Space Station Requiem link from the main Guilds of Requiem, Inc website to here. We aim to have a domain name by the end of the year plus all of the features that comes with a paid site on Wix.

FCapt Robin Frazier

Commanding Officer

Space Station Requiem

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