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Story Arcs - Fan Fiction in a Multi-Verse World

As many have already guessed, we are in our own multi-verse and our esteemed Commanding Officer of Space Station Requiem has quit a few secrets. With the addition of the website meant just for Space Station Requiem Posts, Author Dr. Rashanna T'ill will hold off with publishing here until the entire story arc is completed. She will continue to publish on each installment of a story arc. Once the story arc is completed, the entire series of events will be posted here.

By joining either our Facebook Group or this website, you will have a unique opportunity to help "write" the stories as she will frequently ask for guidance on a future section and use member's personas as main characters in a thousand years of the main character's life span. She is always open to feed back, questions, or comments about each story.... as long as it doesn't involve giving spoilers out.

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