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STEAM Punk Aerodome

Each quarterly issue of Rift Runners, we aim to bring you news Kids can use, fun family activities, and activities related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. This area will get a chance to shine each year at Bantucky Con, as we transition from a stand alone event, to one being blended with activities for all areas of fandom to enjoy. This year we are having a virtual convention to reach a wider audience that is unable to participate locally for any reason.

Here are a few things we have in the works for the official launch on 23rd October, 2021!


ParaNorman Investigators, Inc.:

Paranorman Investigators, Inc. is teaming up with local UFO Investigators and Paranormal Investigative Teams. We recognize that youth often see things that us adults have long forgotten and that the realms of aliens, ghosts, fairies, and dragons are still very real and active in their imaginations. We hope to give the youth of Space Station Requiem up close and personal looks at how these two studies are alike and different. If you know of an organization that has a presentation that is geared towards the younger audience, we would love to connect with them! Email to be put in contact with our STEAMPunk Leaders.


Space Station Explorers:

We are thrilled to the moon and back to be resurrecting this connection with the International Space Station and the Space Station Explorers. They have a fabulous educational program that is geared towards the younger audience of all ages.



This area is open for a catchy name and content!


Each edition we hope to spotlight some of the creative things that our youth have done, network with area artists who are willing to give tutorials on how-to create art in various media, and to just open the horizon to a new way of self expression.

Upcoming art project for Bantucky Con 2021 - Virtual Event: Gather your items, we will build and share your results during the event! *Please note: Adult supervision and assistance will be needed on some areas of construction*

Your art will be shared in the next Rift Runners eZine!! *Use your imagination and let your S.T.E.A.M. punk ideas fly!* Special shout out to Gena Rumple for this amazing idea!



We are blessed to have several teachers in our club. Each edition we hope to share links, tips, and tricks to make understanding Math seem like Magic! Plus some fun activity sheets that can be printed out.

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