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Fandom Frontiers

This is our all access news and links to other fandoms we are a part of! If you belong to another fandom organization and would like to have it featured in the next edition of Rift Runners, send us an email at Subject Line: Fandom Frontiers

Reporting in this quarter is our sister chapter in Starfleet International Star Trek Fan Club, Inc. ( for short!)

Starfleet Region 3 had their virtual summit on 10-July-2021. CO Jason Davis and XO Jannette DiPiazza of USS Masamune hosted a Uniform Panel.

  • Discussed were:

  • Various costumes and accessories, giving information on several sites to take advantage of great costumes and ideas to bring your cosplay to the next level.

  • How to dress appropriately to bring honor to your ship and crew.

  • Taking questions and comments from panel participants.

  • Upcoming events:

  • USS Masamune will be having a group movie night on 22-August-2021 to view Star Trek 4 – Remastered.



Hailing from our Italian Membership, is the Central Ufology Agency. This is a culturally diverse organization that ranges from science fiction and speculation to science fact. Download a translator add-on to your favorite browser before heading over to When prompted to translate, say yes to "Translate entire website." Francesco has gone into great detail on the history of UFO/UAP, parts of the American, Italian, and Germany government cover-up/conspiracy theories, and is branching out into Space Force and their own version of United Federation of Planets.

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