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Command and Control Centralized Quarterly Reporting

As we just recently made Departmental Commanders and Chiefs actual positions, so there is little to report for the individual departments. We are tossing around some Space Station Requiem specific names similar to “View From the Center Seat” for the Command Department. Feel free to send us an email or join our online community to give us some ideas! Original Graphic work is also accepted!

For future reference, our departments are as such, with blasts from the past on EZine names:

  • Executive Officer - “Second Star to the Right…”

  • Communications Department - “Across the Comms”

  • Engineering Department - “Building a Strong Foundation”

  • Medical Department - “I’m a Doctor, Not a _____”

  • Operations Department - “Memoirs of The Third Shift”

  • Sciences Department - “Under the Looking Glass”

  • Security Department - “Tales From the Night Watch”

  • Search & Rescue Department - “Into the Rift”


Executive Officer Reporting - “Second Star to the Right…”

We are trying something new for the Executive Officer's Position (XO). A few weeks ago, we opened the position up on the basis that it would have a 90 day probationary period before GoR and Starfleet Command are notified. This gives everyone the opportunity to determine how well the CO and potential XO are able to work together and communicate. It also gives the candidate the opportunity to complete all necessary Starfleet Academy Courses (Departmental Exam, Phase I, and Phase II Command Courses) before fully assuming the second in command responsibilities. This probationary time does go both ways! If you find that it was not all that you thought it would be, please have an honest discussion with our Commanding Officer FCapt Robin Frazier either via Facebook Messenger or email: Subject Line: Executive Officer. any questions, comments, or concerns can also be directed to this email address as only Command Staff have access to.

Application form can be found at: You do have to be a member of Starfleet Command Quadrant One at least 30 days to apply as there are Starfleet Academy Courses that need to be taken to be completely eligible for the position.


Communications & Operations Departments - “Across the Comms”

So many changes, so little time! When the Captain says, "make it so", she darn well means it!

We aim to have Rift Runners E-Zine blog posts come out the first Saturday of each quarter. This should allow ample time for everyone who wished to submit get their information in. Our next edition is scheduled for the 1st of January 2022! This means our submissions deadline will be the third Saturday of December, the 18th, so that everyone can spend much needed time with their families over the holiday. Please send submissions to The sooner they are in, the better we can quality check for spelling and grammar corrections.

The next edition will include Annual Awards, both Space Station Requiem and Starfleet Command Quadrant One, along with Promotions for the last part of 2021.


Engineering/Search & Rescue Departments - "Into the Rift"

Not much to report, at the moment, but we did want to let everyone know that a Recruiting Challenge has been issued by our CO for Civilian, Pet, and Starfleet Memberships! Any organization can run on Coffee, Comedy and Colorful Metaphors for only so long before the person in charge starts to burn out and it becomes: Caffeine, Copious Amounts of Coffee, Comedic Tears, and Creative Cursing in Culturally Inappropriate Languages. We are currently holding a recruiting drive through the end of Bantucky Con (31st October, 2021). The Space Station Requiem/Starfleet Command member who recruits the most people to join Starfleet Command will have their renewal for next year paid for by Space Station Requiem, or $25 Gift Certificate to the Guilds of Requiem, Inc. Marketplace if you have a Lifetime Membership with Starfleet Command. Looking to have your first year of membership paid for by Space Station Requiem? Recruit the most people to join Space Station Requiem at any level of membership! Make sure they let us know when joining a group that you referred them to our organization.


Medical & Sciences Departments - "Through the Looking Glass"

We actually have quit a bit of information to share with everyone! WOOHOO!! Our Medical and Sciences Departments act as our Community Service Outreach Departments. Medical focuses on the hands on in the Greater San Antonio, Texas Region, while Sciences focuses on what members can do no matter where they live.

This is where you can find information on Community Service Opportunities for the month. Do what you can, when and where you can, as every little bit helps.

  • Community Service:

  • Pop Tabs - Shriners Hospitals (SFCQ1 Sponsored reporting)

  • Pop Tabs- Ronald McDonald House Charities (

  • Box Tops for Education

  • Now easier to submit using their app and scanning a QR Code

  • Send us a copy of your emailed receipt or once a month, screenshot your totals off the app

  • Volunteer at a local charity event

  • Tell us the when, what, where, when, and how you participated

  • Send photos of you in cosplay, or club shirt, and representing

If you know of any Community Service Opportunities, please email Subject Line: Community Service Opportunity


Security Department - "Tales From the Night Watch"

Welcome to the event coordinators of Space Station Requiem! We have an annual event coming up that we would like to encourage everyone to participate in. Bantucky Con 2021 will be happening virtually from 23rd October through 31st October, 2021. We do have a Facebook Event created along with an event created on our website. As we hammer out the finer details, have vendors and other organizations sign-up we will publish that information onto both event places along with the Bantucky Con Facebook Page.

This year represents the first year the our annual STEAM Punk event, UFO Mini-Con, and Rocky Horror Picture Showcase will all be held at the same time to appeal to a larger audience. Bantucky Con will be happening this year, but as a virtual event. With COVID business losses, we were unable to secure a location for this event to happen at the end of October. We learned our lesson about having it in summer last year as South Texas braces for more heat and unpredictable weather this year.

The event will run from October 23rd, 2021 through October 31st, 2021 on Facebook, our website, and YouTube/Zoom panels:

We are looking for vendors, presenters, panelists, other fandom organizations and other event coordinators. Cost is FREE if you present a S.T.E.A.M. Activity or other related activity. S.T.E.A.M. is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Any fandom, convention how-to’s, and special interest groups are welcome to join in. For $20 one post per day (seven total), $30 two posts per day (fourteen total), and $50 you can make an unlimited number of posts during the week and your Facebook Business/Organization page will be sent a Co-Host request, so that your followers know where to find Bantucky Con deals!

Participation Sign-Up form can be found here:

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