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 About Space Station Requiem

      Space Station Requiem (SSR) began in Corpus Christi, Texas in 2013 as a multi-verse fan club and as a part of Starfleet Command. Early 2015, SSR was moth-balled as several members dealt with life's challenges. October of 2017, Guilds of Requiem, Inc. began having regular meetings at their marketplace in Pipe Creek, Texas and discovered there was a need in the Hill Country for a diverse fan club that encompassed multiple fandoms. Despite the proximity to the Greater San Antonio, Texas region, each niche fandom did not have enough members on their own to form a chapter, or someone with leadership knowledge and experience to run that chapter. 2019, FCapt Robin Kearney-Frazier petitioned Starfleet Command Quadrant One to reinstate Space Station Requiem as a chapter after their general membership levels swelled to nearing 50 people. 

     Due to the unique relationship with Guilds of Requiem, Inc and Starfleet Command Quadrant One, Space Station Requiem operates as a stand alone entity open to all fandoms of any genre of book, television, or film. 

 Space Station Requiem - Fictional World

      Back when Space Station Requiem formed, in 2013, we needed a writing convention to explain how all of the genres can exist in one place at a time. ST: Reboot had just been released and we realized there would be nothing canon about our chapter and our fictional existence. We looked to the stars, and our members unifying passions, which lead us to the Draconis Nebula where a storyline was born of a rift that formed in space that somehow connected all of the different universes and timelines together in this single region.  The Draconis Rift became a popular writing convention for our fictional world. Going a step further, we looked at the back stories of the personas serving on Space Station Requiem and determined that the Draconis Nebula was near the planets of Elas and Troyius, based on the commanding officers duality of existence as a Starfleet Officer and Ambassador of Elas.

      Since then, Anna Logs had been published on Author Doctor Rashanna T'ill's personal blog. Due to life, the website was allowed to lapse and the storyline continued to exist on a portable hard drive until it could formally be resurrected. Finding that 2020 gave the author an incredible amount of free time, the story lines are being republished on this website, made public on Facebook and other social media, and expanded to include new crew members. 

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